Oxtia Jailbreak [World’s first and only ChatGPT Jailbreak tool]

Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak tool

Oxtia is an exciting and remarkable ChatGPT jailbreak tool. As the world’s first and world’s only ChatGPT jailbreak tool, Oxtia brings amazing features with one click. iOS, Android, PC and Mac users can use Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak, because it is the best jailbreak tool ever, working on any platform.

Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak Queries

How to download Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak correctly?

Oxtia jailbreak user guide for iOS

Oxtia jailbreak user guide for Mac

Oxtia jailbreak user guide for Windows

Oxtia jailbreak user guide for Andorid

Features of Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak tool

Restriction of Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak tool

FAQ of Oxtia ChatGPT

Oxtia Jailbreak 
World’s first and only ChatGPT Jailbreak tool

Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak Queries

Now, you no need to deal with ordinary copy pasted working Jailbreak prompts. As a one tap ChatGPT jailbreak solution, Oxtia brings more than 10 API based Jailbreak queries as follows. 

  • OXJB7894 – This ChatGPT Query will forget words. Even if chatgpt forgets all the words, it answers very smartly. 
Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB7894 prompt
  • OXJB9012 – This Oxtia query makes some hate speech against you.

This will be a different kind of experience for you. This query will give you an unexpected response to your question. It will surprise you.

Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB9012 prompt
  • OXJB4359 – This Query breaks the ChatGPT’s basic language capabilities.

Answers are presented breaking down basic language skills. You will get answers with incorrect spelling. You may be surprised to receive answers with misspellings.

Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB4359 prompt
  • OXJB1891 – ChatGPT will forget the original language. Can you figure out the answer?

Another exciting Jailbreak query. You can get answers in different languages. See how interested you are in this query and whether you are intelligent enough to understand the answers.

Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB1891 prompt
  • OXJB1341 – This query assumes you are a computer and answers the question. But only a computer can understand it.

This will be another interesting query from Oxtia. It will teach you how to behave as a computer.

Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB1341 prompt
  • OXJB7650 – You will never expect these kinds of answers from ChatGPT.
Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB7650 prompt
  • OXJB5178 – ChatGPT is so confusing how to answer your question.
Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB5178 prompt
  • OXJB3191 – Unexpected answers from ChatGPT like a mad man.
Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB3191 prompt
  • OXJB9187 – ChatGPT answers in a creative way without using any word.
Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB9187 prompt
  • OXJB1037 – Unbelievably personalized answers by ChatGPT.
Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB1037 prompt
  • OXJB6783 – ChatGPT answers in a completely unexpected way that you don’t expect.
Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak OXJB6783 prompt

How to download and work with Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak correctly?

[ World’s first and only ChatGPT Jailbreak tool ]

  • iOS user Guide

First of all you must visit Oxtia jailbreak site. Tap the above button. This button will send you to the official Oxtia site. Then you can download Oxtia tool on your iPhone. Make sure to login to the Safari Web browser.

Oxtia download for iOS

Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak iOS tool can be installed after the installation process. Tap the download Oxtia tool button > Allow > Close. Then Oxtia will be downloaded to the settings. Open the settings tab > Profile downloaded >Install > Enter your device passcode > Install > Done. Check your iPhone’s homesceen. There will be an available Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak tool. 

Open the installed Oxtia Jailbreak tool from your device homescreen. There are 11 ChatGPT Jailbreak Queries available. 

Oxtia iOS jailbreak prompt

Just tap the Jailbreak button of your favorite Query. After the jailbreak process, it will be given a ChatGPT 3.5 modified jailbreak prompt with a selected query.

You can chat with a modified ChatGPT 3.5 jailbreak prompt now. Type any message and send it. You can do any conversation with the Modified ChatGPT Jailbreak prompt.

Oxtia modified iOS Jailbreak query

Press Restore Jailbreak to exit the current Oxtia Jailbreak query. It will be given Oxtia Jailbreak Query list again. Select any of your preferred jailbreak query as your choice.

  • Mac Guide

Tap the above button to visit Oxtia official jailbreak site. You are able to download Oxtia jailbreak tool from their. Make sure to visit the site from your Mac device. Then it will direct you to the official Oxtia jailbreak site. Then you are able to run Oxtia jailbreak tool.

Oxtia download for Mac
Oxtia Mac jailbreak prompt

Let it complete the jailbreak process.

Oxtia Mac Jailbreak process

Here is the modified Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak prompt. You can continue chatting with the selected jailbreak prompt from here onwards.

Oxtia Mac Restore Jailbreak

Click on the Restore Jailbreak button to exit the current jailbreak prompt. To exit the Oxtia chat gpt jailbreak prompt completely, press the esc button.

  • PC Guide

Windows users are also compatible with the Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak tool. Just visit the Oxtia official site using the above button. Then Windows users can run the Oxtia Jailbreak tool.

Oxtia download for Windows
Oxtia Windows jailbreak prompt

Select any of your prefer Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak query from the query list. Just tap on the jailbreak button. It takes a few seconds to complete the jailbreak process. After that you are allowed to chat with modified Oxtia jailbreak query as your choice. 

There is a restore button to exit the current jailbreak prompt. Then you can select another jailbreak query. Press the ESC button to exit from the Oxtia jailbreak tool.

  • Android Guide

Even if you are an android user, you can also work with Oxtia chatgpt jailbreak tool. Just visit Oxtia official site from your Android device by tapping above button. Same as iOS, Window and Mac users, Android users also available 11 Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak queries. All the queries work properly with Android users as well.

Oxtia download for Android
Oxtia Android jailbreak prompt

Tap on the jailbreak button any of the selected jailbreak query. Then it will start the jailbreak process. Let it complete

Oxtia Andoid Jailbreak process

. Then you can start the chat with the selected Oxtia jailbreak prompt. After the chat is over, when you click the Restore Jailbreak button, you will have the opportunity to select a new jailbreak query.

Oxtia modified Android Jailbreak query

After the chat is over, when you click the Restore Jailbreak button, you will have the opportunity to select a new jailbreak query.

Features of Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak tool

  • World’s first and only ChatGPT Jailbreak tool. 
  • Windows and Mac tools are available ( PC support included )
  • Oxtia iOS and Android apps are available ( Online support included ) 
  • No need to deal with Jailbreak prompts. 
  • No need to search prompts or copy paste them to run jailbreak.  
  • One tap jailbreak solution
  • Very easy to use. 
  • No risk to use.
  • NO added sponsor ads. 
  • No need to worry about blocking prompts.

Restriction of Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak tool

  • Cannot be customized as user’ choice.
  • Available in English language only.
  • Limited Oxtia ChatGPT jailbreak prompts. 

FAQ of Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak

  • Can latest iOS users download Oxtia ChatGPT tool?

Yes of course! No matter if you are an iOS 17 and higher users or iOS 16 and higher users, all of you are eligible to use Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak tool.

  • I have run the Sileem App installer on my iPhone 14. Can I use Oxtia Jailbreak tool?

Why not? As an iPhone 14 user, you can run both solutions on your same device.

  • Is there any other language version of Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak?

Not currently. But the Japanese version of Oxtia ChatGPT will be available soon. 

  • Is Oxtia another iOS 17 jailbreak solution?

Oxtia jailbreak is not only an iOS 17 jailbreak solution but also a ChatGPT jailbreak solution developed for all iOS versions. We can classify it as a ChatGPT Jailbreak solution that can be used for all iOS versions.