iPhone 13 Jailbreak

iPhone 13 jailbreak

Four types of iPhone 13 series are available as iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. The iOS versions that can be used with this device series are from iOS 15 to the latest iOS 16.3.1 including iOS 16.4 beta.

As a jailbreak tool that can jailbreak iPhone 13 series devices, the Cheyote jailbreak tool was scheduled to be released only for iOS 15 to iOS 15.1.1 versions, but it has not been released yet. Other than the Cheyote, there are no other iPhone jailbreak tools or iPad Jailbreak tools scheduled to be released. Therefore, only jailbreak solutions can be used to install third-party apps on iPhone 13. 

Compatible iOS version list on your iPhone 13 :

iOS 16 – iOS 16.4 — Sileem repo extraction

iOS 16 to iOS 16.4 — Unc0ver Black Edition

iOS 15 – iOS 16.4 — Zeon Repo Extractor

iOS 15 – iOS 16.4 — Cheyote virtual jailbreak

iOS 15 – iOS 16.4 — Checkra1n virtual jailbreak

This page introduces all the iPhone 13 jailbreak solutions that can be used to install jailbreak apps on the iPhone 13.

1. Sileem repo extraction (Japanese version)

Sileem is a jailbreak solution that uses the repo extraction method created for the iOS 16 series up to iOS 16.4. Currently the Sileem Japanese version seems to have added support for all versions from iOS 15 to iOS 15.7.3 too. Therefore, iOS 15 to iOS 16.4 running iPhone 13 devices can be Sileem as the best iPhone 13 jailbreak solution. Also, Sileem is designed to be used in both Japanese and English.

You can install Cydia lite, Sileo lite and Cydia 2 with Sileem repo extractor on iPhone 13 devices.

iPhone 13 Jailbreak with Sileem

Step guide

Features of Sileem:

  • You don’t need to use a computer to install Sileem Repo Extract on iPhone 13.
  • The iPhone 13 jailbreak does not compromise the system root of the device, so it does not affect the device warranty or Apple support.
  • Installation, reinstallation and uninstallation can be completed in a few steps.
  • Not only iPhone 13 jailbreak, but also iPhone 12 jailbreak and iPhone 14 jailbreak support to download third-party apps.
  • Compatible with iPhone 13 running all versions from iOS 15 to iOS 16.3.1 including iOS 16.4 beta.
  • iOS 16 to iOS 16.2 jailbreak app installation is possible with Sileem on your iPhone 13.
  • iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.3.1 jailbreak apps are available under Sileem repo extractor. 
  • Sileem works with the beta version running iPhone 13 too. Visit iOS 16.4 jailbreak page for more details. 
  • Sileem repo extraction is available in both Japanese and English.
  • From Sileem you can download Tweaks, popular games, jailbreak apps and showlive themes.
  • You can install Cydia lite, Cydia 2 and Sileo lite on your iPhone 13.

2. Unc0ver Black Edition (English version)

Unc0ver Black Edition is a newly released iPhone 13 jailbreak solution. All the running iOS 16 and higher versions on your iPhone 13 are supported with the Unc0ver Black edition for Cydia 2. 

It is not a secret that there is no jailbreak tool for iPhone 13 devices yet. World famous Unc0ver jailbreak tool is not supported with iPhone 13. Therefore, the Unc0ver Black Team provides “Unc0ver Black Edition” as an alternative to the Unc0ver jailbreak tool for iOS 16 or later operating on iPhone13.

With iPhone 13 Jailbreak , you can install Cydia 2 Dark on the device from virtual jailbreak Unc0ver Black Edition. Unc0ver Black Edition is currently only available in English, but we plan to release a Japanese version soon.

Jailbreak iPhone 13 with Unc0ver Black Edition

Step Guide

Features of Unc0ver Black Edition.

  • Unc0ver Black Edition is compatible with all iPhone 13 series models running iOS 16 or later versions.
  • It uses an online method to install, so there is no need to connect the user device to the PC.
  • You can install Cydia Dark from Unc0ver Black Edition on your iPhone13 device.
  • You don’t need to upgrade your iDevice version to uninstall Unc0ver Black.
  • iOS system root of the iPhone 13 device will not collapse and never access it when using Unc0ver Black. So there will be no impact on receiving device warranty or Apple support.
  • It supports not only iOS 16 to iOS 16.3.1 latest releases but also all iPhone 13 devices running the iOS 16.4 beta.
  • You can download many apps such as themes, popular games, Tweaks, Showlive themes and more third party jailbreak apps for all iPhone 13 series devices.

3. Zeon repo extractor

Zeon Repo Extractor has been released as a jailbreak solution for latest iDevices running the latest iOS 15 and higher versions. Recently added Zeon support for iOS 16 jailbreak and higher versions. So, it can be used as an iPhone 13 jailbreak solution to install third party apps. iPhone 13 users can download a number of third-party jailbreak apps from Zeon.

iPhone 13 jailbreak with Zeon

Step Guide

Features of the Zeon repo extractor.

  • The Zeon repo extractor is designed to allow you to complete the installation in a short time with few steps.
  • Since Zeon repo extractor adopts the repo extraction method, you can easily download third-party apps to iPhone 13 devices.
  • It does not affect the iPhone 13 device system root, so the warranty will not be voided.
  • It is possible to install Cydia lite and Sileo lite from Zeon repo extracts on iPhone 13 devices.
  • You don’t need to backup your iDevice data to download the Zeon repo extractor.
  • Compatible with all iPhone 13 models operated by all versions from iOS 15 to iOS 16.4.
  • Never asks to put the iPhone 13 device into DFU mode or no need to save SHSH blobs.

4. Cheyote virtual jailbreak (English version)

The Cheyote jailbreak tool can only be used on iOS 15 to iOS 15.1.1 and A11 to A14 devices, but the jailbreak tool has not yet been released. Once released, Cheyote jailbreak tool will be the first rootless jailbreak tool. However, since the Cheyote jailbreak tool is not available yet, Cheyote jailbreak cannot be used for iPhone 13. Therefore, the Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak team offers Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak as an alternative jailbreak solution for latest iDevice and latest iOS versions.

Cheyote virtual jailbreak is available for iPhone13 devices running all versions from iOS 15 to iOS1 5.7.3 and iOS 16 to iOS 16.4. You can install Sileo from Cheyote.

iPhone 13 jailbreak with Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak

Step Guide

Features of Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak.

  • You can easily install, uninstall and reinstall the virtual Cheyote jailbreak.
  • Sileo can be installed on iPhone 13 devices after virtual jailbreak.
  • Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak is not a jailbreak tool but a jailbreak solution, so it won’t corrupt your device system root.
  • A wide range of versions from iOS 15 to iOS 16.3.1 are compatible with all models of the iPhone13 series running.
  • It also supports iPhone 13 operated by iOS 16.4 beta released as the latest version.
  • Don’t worry, installing the Cheyote Virtual Jailbreak will not void your iDevice’s warranty.
  • Virtual Cheyote is 100% risk-free and allows you to download third-party apps to customize your user device to your liking.

5. Checkra1n Virtual Jailbreak (English Version)

The Checkra1n jailbreak tool can only jailbreak iDevices running versions from iOS 12 to iOS 14.8.1. Therefore, it will not be possible to use it for iOS 14.8.1 or later, so you will not be able to use the Checkra1n jailbreak tool for iPhone 13. However, the virtual jailbreak Checkra1n team has decided to release a virtual jailbreak Checkra1n as a virtual jailbreak solution so that third-party apps can be installed on the iPhone 13 as well.

With the Checkra1n virtual jailbreak solution, iPhone 13 jailbreak will allow you to install Cydia lite on your device, as well as download a number of third-party apps.

Virtual Jailbreak iPhone 13 with Checkra1n virtual

Step Guide

Features of Virtual Checkra1n Jailbreak.

  • Not similar to Checkra1n jailbreak tool. But can install jailbreak apps from virtual Checkra1n jailbreak. 
  • You can easily install Checkra1n virtual jailbreak in a few steps.
  • It does not corrupt the system root and does not void your device’s warranty.
  • Checkra1n virtual jailbreak supports all versions of iOS 15 to iOS 15.7.3 jailbreak running on iPhone13.
  • iOS 16, iOS 16.0.1, iOS 16.0.2, iOS 16.0.3, iOS 16.1, iOS 16.1.1, iOS 16.1.2, iOS 16.2, iOS 16.3, iOS 16.3.1 and the beta version of iOS 16.4 are operating. Compatible with all iPhone 13 devices.
  • You can install Cydia lite from Checkra1n virtual jailbreak on your iPhone13 device.
  • No need to backup device data before installation.

Currently, there is no jailbreak tool that can jailbreak an iDevice. However, iPhone 13 users can download third-party apps such as jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes, utilities and more to customize their device to their liking by using the above jailbreak solutions.