hexxa plus guide

Install Hexxa Plus Repo Extractor

Step 01 – Click on the Download Sileem App Installer button located on the iOS 16.6 Jailbreak page. Make sure to login your device Safari Browser. 

Step 02 – Then it will download to the Sileem App Installer on your device settings. 

Step 03 – Go to your device Settings > Profile download > Enter the Device passcode.

Step 04 – Install Process will complete within a few seconds. 

Step 05 – Check your device Home-screen. There will be a Sileem app installer. 

Step 06 – Open the downloaded Sileem App Installer. 

Step 07 – Tap the Get button of Jailbreak Methods category > Tap the Hexxa Plus Repo Extractor > Allow > Close. 

Step 08 – Congratulations! Now you have installed three app categories from Hexxa Plus as the Hexxa Plus Repo Extractor, Hexxa Tweaks and Hexxa App Store to your iPhone / iPad. 

Step 09 – Open the Hexxa Plus Repo Extractor > Tap the Get Repos > Select any of Hexxa Plus Repo from the list > Copy the Repo URl. > Go back to the Zeon repo Extractor home-screen.

Step 10 – Tap the Extract Repo > Paste the copied repo url there > OK > It will take time to extract the repo > Then you can install apps. 

Step 11 – Now you can install any number of Hexxa Plus Repos using Hexxa Plus Repo Extractor.