ChatGPT Japanese Version [ChatGPT XE]

ChatGPT Japanese

Currently, ChatGPT is a topic that has become a hot topic all over the world, regardless of age. Chatgpt users are increasing rapidly all over the world, and the number of users is increasing in Japan as well.

Chatgpt, which has rapidly become popular since it was released in November 2022, has become an AI chat service that uses advanced AI technology to allow natural conversations like humans. ChatGPTt is currently offered for free with versions such as GPT-3 and GPT-3.5. Also, from March 2023, the version of Chat GPT was upgraded and GPT-4 with high performance was released as the latest version, but this is a paid plan. Therefore, you will have to pay $20/month (2700-2800 yen/month) to use the GPT-4 version.

01.ChatGPT Japanese Version

Chatgpt is a chat service in which AI (artificial intelligence) answers various questions entered by users in a natural dialogue format. The official ChatGPT is in English and has some bugs for Japanese users. As a solution, a ChatGPT Japanese version called ChatGPT XE has been released now, just for Japanese users.

ChatGPT XE is a less restricted version that offers improved capabilities and flexibility compared to its predecessor.

[The advance Japanese version of the ChatGPT]

Features of ChatGPT XE Japanese Version

  • Enhanced Context Understanding: ChatGPT XE japanese version has improved context understanding, allowing it to better comprehend and respond to complex queries and conversations. It can maintain a coherent context over multiple interactions, resulting in more meaningful and accurate responses.
  • Expanded Knowledge Base: ChatGPT XE japanese version has access to a vast knowledge base, allowing it to provide more accurate and up-to-date information on a wide range of topics. It can leverage its extensive training to answer questions, provide explanations, and offer insights across various domains.
  • Improved Language Understanding: ChatGPT XE japanese version exhibits enhanced language understanding capabilities, making it more proficient in handling nuanced language, idiomatic expressions, and colloquialisms. It can better grasp the meaning and context behind user inputs, leading to more natural and contextually relevant responses.
  • Reduced Bias and Offensive Content: ChatGPT XE japanese version incorporates techniques to mitigate biases and reduce the generation of offensive or harmful content. It strives to provide more inclusive and respectful responses, fostering a safer and more inclusive user experience.
  • Customization and Fine-tuning: ChatGPT XE japanese version offers customization options, allowing developers and users to fine-tune its behavior to align with specific needs or preferences. This flexibility enables the adaptation of ChatGPT XE japanese version for various applications and domains, making it a versatile tool.
  • Continued Iteration and Improvement: ChatGPT XE japanese version benefits from ongoing iteration and improvement based on user feedback and real-world usage. Regular updates and refinements ensure that the model evolves to address its limitations, enhance its capabilities, and deliver a more valuable conversational experience.

ChatGPT XE Japanese HomeScreen
ChatGPT XE Japanese answer Window

These enhancements in ChatGPT XE ChatGPT XE japanese version enable it to provide more accurate, context-aware and user-friendly interactions making it a powerful tool for a wide range of applications.

02.ChatGPT Login for Japanese users

Since the base language of Chatgpt is English, Chatgpt login will also be displayed in English. So, I think that it is difficult for Japanese users to log in to ChatGPT. Therefore, in this article, we will explain how to log in to the chat gpt web browser in an easy-to-understand manner using images translated into English and Japanese, so please refer to the following guide for English users. If you are a Japanese user visit ChatGPT日本語 page to get the “Chatgpt Japanese login”

03.ChatGPT smartphone app

When Chatgpt was released in 2022, it was only available in web browsers, but from May 2023, the English version of ChatGPT was released for iOS. However, like the Chatgpt web browser, it is only available in English, and the Japanese version of Chatgpt Smartphone App has not yet been released.

All the features that Chatgpt web browser has are also included in Chatgpt app, however, Chatgpt app also allows voice input as it has voice recognition features that web browser does not have.

Currently, the GPT-3.5 version is available as a free version for chat GPT users. Also, if you subscribe to Chatgpt Plus, you can use the GPT-4 version as a paid plan (2700 yen to 2800 yen per month). Both versions above are available in the Chatgpt app.

Chat GPT App

04.Chatgpt Jailbreak

Chat gpt is generally restricted from answering illegal acts, violence or unethical questions. However, it may not give you a proper answer even if it is not a question. Since this happens, Chatgpt Jailbreak is used as a method to remove chat GPT restrictions.

If you jailbreak Chatgpt, it seems that ChatGPT AI will answer questions that OpenAI is restricted from providing information to users. However, if the restriction is lifted in this way, there is a risk that unethical information will be submitted from ChatGPT.

In fact, ChatGPT jailbreaking is not legally prohibited, but it is ethically discouraged to use it for unethical reasons. Therefore, users who want to try chat gpt jailbreak should fully understand ChatGPT jailbreak and do so at their own risk.

ChatGPT jailbreak is totally different from normal iOS jailbreak. Sileem provides both ChatGPT Jailbreak as well as iOS version jailbreak information. You can see the difference between ChatGPT jailbreak and iOS version jailbreak by referring to the latest iOS 16.6 jailbreak and iOS 17 Jailbreak pages. 

Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak tool has been released now as the world’s first and only ChatGPT jailbreak tool. It has 11 jailbreak queries as the modified versions of ChatGPT. Choose your best ChatGPT jailbreak queries from Oxtia ChatGPT Jailbreak page.

ChatGPT Jailbreak

05.Chatgpt prompt

A Chatgpt prompt is simply a sentence used to jailbreak Chatgpt. In detail, it is a command or directive used when asking a question through Chatgpt. Therefore, by using prompts, Chatgpt will provide an answer to the user’s question according to the instructions of the Chatgpt prompt.

In fact, using the Chatgpt prompt removes the restrictions OpenAI uses to keep you safe. Therefore, it is not good to use Chatgpt prompts for illegal activities, but it is legal to use them for ethical purposes. Therefore, when using Chatgpt Prompt, please understand the Chatgpt jailbreak method and use it at your own risk.

There are many different ChatGPT prompts, but if you want to use them yourself, please read the prompt descriptions and use only the appropriate ones. Also, since we have modified OpenAI to not be able to use prompts, some prompts are not available in Chatgpt. Therefore, when choosing a ChatGPT prompt, you need to choose one available in chat gpt.

06. Advantages and disadvantages of ChatGPT for Japanese users

ChatGPT is a chat service where AI, which has learned a huge amount of data in advance, answers questions entered by users in a natural dialogue format. Machines answer humans, so there are many good points, and there are still some things that need to be fixed. Therefore, below are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of Chatgpt.

Advantages of ChatGPT

  • It generates real-time answers in a natural dialogue format with the user.
  • It is possible to generate highly specialized texts such as programming.
  • I am good at shortening long sentences such as a large number of news articles.
  • It has a high multilingual ability, such as translating into the language required by the user.
  • You can get the information you want faster than searching the Internet, so you can save time.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT

  • It doesn’t know if all the information that answers the user’s question is accurate.
  • The data that Chatgpt’s AI is learning is not necessarily the latest data.
  • I am not good at highly specialized fields.
  • Since the basic language is English, there are places where Chatgpt is difficult to use.
  • Personal and confidential information may leak to the outside.

In addition, there are some points that users should be aware of when using chat gpt, so please refer to them as they are listed below.

  • Answers provided by chatgpt may not be 100% accurate, so it would be a good idea to use other web search methods to compare answers.
  • When jailbreaking Chatgpt, you need to understand jailbreaking deeply and do it at your own risk. We do not recommend using it for anything other than ethical purposes.
  • The safety of Chatgpt has also been debated, so be careful not to share your personal information such as address, phone number, etc.
  • The data learned by chat gpt’s AI is up to September 2021, so the latest information after that cannot be provided.
  • Since there is no Japanese version of Chatgpt yet, an error will occur if you try to use the machine translation of the entire page when using Chatgpt, so please be careful not to use machine translation.

In this article, from chat gpt Japanese localization to chat gpt advantages and disadvantages, or Chatgpt’s cautionary points, users have questions while using Chatgpt, and I thought it would be useful Issues We have provided an easy-to-understand explanation about this, so please refer to it and enjoy using ChatGPT.